• (Jun, 14') Check out the new patent by Horacio Kido! Link
  • (Feb, 14') Exciting newpaper on 3-D Interdigitated electrode arrays (IDEAs) published in Analytical Chemistry. Read the article now!
  • (Feb, 14') New article published in the South African Journal of Science! Check it out.
  • (Jan, 14') New article published in Carbon by our C-MEMS team. Read it here!
  • (Jan, 14') Article on thermoelectric heating in CD Microfluidics published in Biomicrofluidics! Read the article here!
  • (July, 13') New paper published on Lab on a Chip. Read it here!
  • (June, 13') New Article in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society. Read it now!
  • (April, '13) Article on Push-Pull microfluidics on a multilevel 3D CD published in Lab on a Chip. Read it.
  • (April, '13) Article on microfluidics published in Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. Read the PDF here.
  • (December, '12) LA Times Article featuring UCI and Rapidtech: "UC Irvine's Rapidtech is helping revolutionize manufacturing!" Take a look
  • (October, '12) OC Register feature on the future of 3-d printing and advanced manufacturing: "At UCI, the future is 3D." Read the article!
  • (September, '12) PBS feature on the Biomems lab at UCI and Rapidtech in a program on Advanced Manufacturing. Check out the Video!
  • (September, '12) Patent on Low-voltage near field electrospinning method and device published by US Patent and Trademark office. Take a look!
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The BioMEMS laboratory applies miniaturization science to solve chemical and biological problems with an emphasis on molecular biology and energy. Our research areas include medical diagnostics, sensor technology, micro-battery development, and novel drug delivery systems among others. Currently we are developing several platforms including Microfluidic Compact Discs, Carbon-MEMS devices and Electroactive Polymer substrates. We are actively pursuing original research through collaborative efforts in academia and industry.










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