Appendix F

MEMS Companies


Abaxis, 1989, Sunnyvale, CA,, point-of-care blood analyzers

Abtech Scientific, 1995, Richmond, VA,, chemical and biosensor-based diagnostics and monitoring technologies

Aclara Biosciences, 1995, Mountain View, CA,, microfluidic devices for genetic analysis, drug screening and optimization, and clinical diagnostics

Advanced Micro Machines, Burnsville, MN, (acquired by BF Goodrich in 1999),, silicon micromachining and ASICs and integrated electronics

Advanced Recording Technologies, 1989, Escondido, CA,, precision laser micromachining

Affymetrix, 1993, Santa Clara, CA, disposable DNA probe arrays and instruments to analyze and manage genetic information

Åmic AB, Uppsala, Sweden,, microstructure products based on polymer replication techniques with applications in the areas of microfluidics, optics, and RF-components.

Analog Devices,, integrated MEMS accelerometers

AT&T Bell Labs,, MOEMS

Caliper, 1996, Mountain View, CA,, lab-on-a-chip technologies

Captor, 1986, CA (sold to Dresser in 1991)

Cellomics, 1998, Pittsburgh, PA,, systems for high content screening based on multiparametric image analysis of intact cells and ultra high throughput screening systems for primary screening

Cepheid, 1996, Sunnyvale, CA,, PCR, sample preparation

Cognition, 1976, CA (sold to Rosemount in 1978)

Coventor, 1996 (was named Microcosm Technologies until January 2001), Cary, NC,, MEMS development software

Cronos, 1999, Research Triangle Park, NC, (acquired by JDS Uniphase in 2000),, bulk, surface, and high-aspect ratio (LIGA) micromachining

CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland,, wide range of micromachined products ranging from mechanical to biological to optical

CuraGen, 1991, New Haven, CT,, genomic technologies

Delco Electronics,, automotive sensors

Druck,, pressure sensors

EG&G IC Sensors,, mechanical micromachined products

Endevco, 1975, San Juan Capistrano, CA,, instruments for vibration, shock, inertial motion, and dynamic pressure measurement

Etec Systems, Hayward, CA,, (acquired by Applied Materials on March 29, 2000), electron-beam and laser-beam pattern generation equipment for the fabrication of masks

Evotec BioSystems AG (merged with Oxford Asymmetry International in 2000),, drug discovery and development

Foxboro ICT, 1972, Milpitas, CA (called SenSym ICT since 1999),, high-grade pressure sensors and monitors

Gene Logic, 1994, Gaithersburg, MD,, gene expression information

Genetic Microsystems (acquired by Affymetrix in 2000), Woburn, MA,, disposable DNA probe arrays and instruments to analyze and manage genetic information

Genometrix, 1993, The Woodlands, TX,, high-throughput genotyping, gene expression, and protein analysis

Hitachi,, micromachined products ranging from automotive to biomedical

Honeywell Microswitch Division,, mechanical microsensor products

IBM Microelectronics,, wide variety of MEMS products including memory devices and thin film read/write heads

ICSensors, 1982, Milpitas, CA (sold to EG&G in 1994),, silicon micromachining technology to produce pressure sensors, accelerometers, and custom silicon microstructures

Incyte Genomics, 1991, Palo Alto, CA,, genomic and expression databases, contract sequencing services, and bioreagent products and services

Innogenetics, 1985, Ghent, Belgium,, diagnostic products for human diseases

Integrated Micromachines, 1995, Monrovia, CA,, MEMS-based optical switches

IntelliSense, 1991, Wilmington, MA,, mems design, development, and manufacturing

Irvine Sensors Corp., 1980, Costa Mesa, CA,, inventor of three-dimensional (3D) semiconductors and the SIRComm technology used for wireless infrared (IR) communications

i-STAT Corp., East Windsor, NJ,, point-of-care blood analysis

Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH, 1996, Jena, Germany,, fabrication of plastic microcomponents and microsystems

Kistler,, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and variable capacitance based sensors

MEMSIC, 1999, Andover, MA,, sensors/accelerometers with advanced on-chip signal processing capability

MicroChem Corp., Newton, MA,, novel photoresists for MEMS

Microflow, 1990, Neuchatel, Switzerland,, microfluidics in the field of minimally invasive drug delivery, diagnostics, and packaging

Micronics, 1996, Redmond, WA,, microfluidic diagnostic and analytical products

Microsensor Technology, 1981, CA (sold to Tylan in 1986),

Microsensors, 1997, Costa Mesa, CA,, micromachined sensors and sensor readout circuits for MEMS applications

Motorola Sensor Products Division,, automotive sensors

Mycometrix, 1997, South San Francisco, CA,, microfluidic biochips

Nanogen, 1993, San Diego, CA,, semiconductor based platform technology

Nanomat, North Huntington, PA,, nanotechnologies for structural, nonstructural, microelectronic, and biomedical applications

Nanosphere, Alachua, FL,, drug delivery systems

Nanosphere, Evanston, IL,, nanoparticle DNA probes and detection and screening assays

Nanostructures, 1988, Santa Clara, CA,, thin film and micromachined MEMS devices

NimbleGen Systems, Madison, WI,, DNA microarrays

Orchid BioSciences, 1995, Princeton, NJ,, SNP scoring

Pacific Microinstruments, 1999, Sierra Madre, CA,, microinstruments for handheld measurement, sensor data acquisition,  and distributed systems

Quantum Dot, 1998, Palo Alto, CA,, genetic analysis, drug discovery, and disease diagnostics

Redwood Microsystems, 1988, Menlo Park, CA,, microvalve-based flow and pressure controllers

Robert Bosch, Gmbh,, micromachined automotive products

Sensym, 1972, CA (called SenSym ICT since 1999),, high-grade pressure sensors and monitors

Sentir, 1991, Santa Clara, CA,, silicon die and package sensors

Seyonic SA, 1998, Neuchatel, Switzerland,, sensors and actuators

Siemens AG,, micromachined automotive products

Standard Microsystems, Burlington, MA,, MEMS devices

STEAG microParts GmbH, 1990, Dortmund, Germany,, mechanical, optical, and fluidic microcomponents

Surface Technology Systems,

Symyx Technologies, 1999, Santa Clara, CA,, high speed technologies for discovery of new materials

System Planning Corporation,, microfabrication consulting and marketing

Tecan Boston, 1994, Boston, MA (formerly Gamera Bioscience), microfluidics based on centrifuge platform for high throughput screening

TiNi Alloys, 1988, San Leandro, CA,, thin film shape memory alloys

Tomtec, 1971, Hamden, CT,, automated assay workstations

Transensory Devices, 1982, CA (sold to IC Sensors in 1987)

TRW NovaSensor, 1985, Fremont, CA,, pressure sensors and transducers

Twente MicroProducts (acquired by Kymata),, microsystems and components, prototyping, and consultancy

Weidmann Plastics Technology, Rapperswil, Switzerland,, multipolymer injection molding

Xensor Integration, 1988, Delft, Netherlands,, microsensors, microsystems, and sensor signal conditioning electronics

Zyomyx, 1998, Hayward, CA,, protein biochip technologies