Webter 1: Lithography
Webter 2: Pattern Transfer with Dry Etching Techniques
Webter 3: Pattern Transfer with Additive Techniques
Webter 4: Wet Bulk Micromachining
Webter 5: Surface Micromachining
Webter 6: LIGA and Micromolding
Webter 7: A Comparison of Miniaturization Techniques: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Manufacturing
Webter 8: Modeling, Brains, Packaging, Sample Preparation and New MEMS Materials
Webter 9: Scaling, Actuators and Power in Miniaturized Systems
Webter 10: Miniaturization Applications
Online Tutorials
  1. Very broad introductory to microengineering (MEMS) by Danny Banks.
  2. A MEMS tutorial by Dr. Bill Trimmer with many other MEMS links.  This tutorial consists of the following material: a tutorial on micromechanics and MEMS; a tutorial on surface micromachining; a tutorial on bulk micromachining; and a tutorial on single point diamont machining.
  3. A vision for MEMS from Sandia National Laboratories.  A high-level introduction to the concept and potential of MEMS.
  4. A tutorial on precision machining by Dr. Craig Friedrich from Michigan Technological University.
  5. MEMS Virtual Learning Cybercenter.  This site refers you to many sources of education about MEMS.
  6. Dr. Noel McDonald from Cornell's introduction to MEMS.  Traditional (mechanical) si-based MEMS.
  7. Course notes and handouts by Dr. Chang Liu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  8. Lithography & diffusion slide show (University of Delaware).
  9. A Knowledge Base for Microfluidic Devices, compiled by Zheng Cui, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.
  10. Surface Analysis tutorials (from Charles Evans).
  11. Nanomedicine by Robert Freitas from the Foresight Institute.
  12. On-line lecture notes for MEMS class by Dr. Dean Neikirk.
  13. From microFAB, Bremen GMBH reviewed are:
    • Bulk Micromachining
    • Surface Micromachining
    • Galvanoforming
    • Wafer Bonding
    • Packaging & Die Bonding
    • Thick Film Techniques
  14. Nanotechnology with Steve Lenhert.
  15. A very nicely done introduction to MEMS from the University of Colorado.  Several on-line presentations.
  1. Sandia's MEMS image gallery.
  2. BFGoodrich AMMI's DRIE.
  3. SOI micromachining.
  4. Photographs of various MEMS fabricated walking micro-robot prototypes are available at the photo gallery of Rich Yeh, Berkeley, USA.
  5. Sandia's MEMS movie gallery.  A large variety of images and movies on surface micromachined micro-systems consisting of mechanical linkage and gears for force transfer, driven by electrostatic comb-drive actuators are available from the Sandia National Laboratories micromachine gallery.  Several out-of-plane erected 3D structures are also shown.
  6. From Dr. Donald's lab (see ciliary array movies) and from Karl Bohringer.  Different movies on fabricated organic (polyimide) actuators which have been used to achieve intelligent micro-conveyance systems.
  7. MEMS-TV from UCB.
  8. The photos and movies from Zyvex are MEMS build using the MUMPs process.
  9. Different movies on fabricated hinge devices by the MUMPs process from Cronos for out-of-plane micro-structures.  Also includes in-plane micro-robotic devices based on heatuators (micro-grippers).
  10. A selection of video films of the walking robot.
  11. MEMS video series for the purpose of educating high school students with basic knowledge and possibility of MEMS, and to plant the seed for the young adults to take up an interest in science and technology.
The topics of the video series are as follows:
  1. Introduction to MEMS
  2. History & Introduction to Concepts
  3. Applications
  4. Theories behind MEMS
  5. How MEMS are Manufactured
  6. Future and Business Potentials
Physical Constants
  1. Periodic table.
  2. Physical constants.
  3. Physical properties of semiconductors.
  4. More properties of semiconductor materials.
  5. Tables of chemical data.
  6. NIST physical reference data.
  7. Fundamental physical constants.
  8. General chemistry.
  9. Scientific quick reference (very complete).
  1. Semiconductor Industry Association Glossary of Terms
  2. Biotechnology Glossary
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