Past News

  • (April 14, ’11) Carbon-based microdevices being developed in the BioMEMS lab make the news
  • (March 30, ’11) Marc Madou partners with Rapid Tech and others to bring novel manufacturing back to the USA.
  • (March 21, '11) G. Bisht. Latest publication accepted into Nano Letters
  • (March 3, '11) Dr. Kido gave a presentation on the bioCD at the Universidad Politéncnica de Valencia
  • (Feb, ’11) Dr. Kulinsky participated in a meeting in Calcutta, India to set up partnerships between medical professionals, health providers, and academic institutions to develop low-cost diagnostics solutions.
  • (Feb, '11) Dr. Kulinsky travelled to CMERI (Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute), Durgapur, India to present latest advances on use of electroactive polymers in biomedical applications and form new research collaborations.
  • (Feb 10, '11) Prof. Marc Madou to speak at Materials Science Engineering Club (DBH 1200 7-8 pm)
  • (Nov 22, '10) K. Abi-Samra. Latest publication in Lab on a Chip.
  • (Nov 15-17, '10) Dr. Madou, M. Amasia, and K. Abi-Samra's present at NanoBioTech in Montreux, Switzerland
  • (Oct, '10) M. Amasia. Latest publication in Bioanalysis.
  • (Oct 3-7,'10) Z. Noorozi, K. Abi-Samra, M. Amasia, and R. Gorkin present at MicroTAS 2010 in Groningen, The Netherlands

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